As become a one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Material Handling Equipments and Process Equipments, Uma Engineers offers high quality IMPACT CRUSHER widely used for different industries to deal with materials. Our Impact Crusher comprises rugged construction that ensures high durability and requires very low maintenance. With several unmatched features, we offer best quality products to our customers to make their operational process efficient and trouble-free.

Impact Crusher – How it Works

The Impact crusher is used to deal with different materials. In Impact Crusher, material is fed in from the periphery through hopper in the grinding chamber in order to reduce the air pressure and dust problems. When using with some materials, it is recommended to use suitable ventilation with air on the crusher’s discharge side. It helps in preventing a dusty atmosphere at the crusher’s inlet. In crusher, the swinging hammers crush the materials besides the stationery lines prior to get discharged from a perforated screen at the bottom. For specific applications, replaceable bar type screen is also available. There are unlimited possibilities using the combination of liner plates, sieve and hammer style to cater the need of customers with the click here help of Impact Crusher.

Impact Crusher – Application

Impact crushers are widely used in different industries to crush different small, medium and large size hard materials with compression resistance around 350Mpa and not more than that. It is mainly useful in railway, highway, airport, reservoir and other fields that require cubic shape rock. Moreover, it features high performance, high capacity as well as a high ratio of reduction and cubic shape with low flakiness.

It is used for shredding or crushing different materials such as coal, lignite, glass, clay, limestone, rock, silica, sand, fertilizer, coke, bauxite, phosphate, and many others.

It is mainly used in industries such as in construction companies dealing with roads and bridge construction work, Metallurgy, Chemical, Sand making and many others.

Key Features of Impact Crusher

  • Extremely rugged construction
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to Install and require low maintenance
  • Affordable to run
  • Best in Performance, Most Reliable
  • High Reduction Ratio
  • Suitable for all minerals and aggregates with high reduction rotors

As a one of the leading Impact Crusher Manufacturers in India, we manufacture high quality products by comprising best standards of the industry and using the highest grade raw materials. We utilize the most modern technology to manufacture our products.