Uma Engineering – One of the Leading Bucket elevator manufacturers in India Supplies Premium Quality Bulk Elevators

As a one of the leading Bucket Elevator Manufacturers in India, Uma Engineers manufacture and supplies premium quality material handling equipments including Bucket Elevators. We design and manufacture products based on standard and specific requirement of our customers. Our bucket elevators are capable to handle mostly all types of dry, free-flowing bulk materials, efficiently, in a trouble-free manner. We manufacture products with high design standards using quality manufacturing process in order to maintain the best standards of our products.

Our elevators are specifically designed with an aim to cover complete need in elevating almost all types of material to convey. In different industries, Bucket conveyors are used to lift different types of materials from one level to another and release it into a conveyor. It comprises buckets according to the precise needs and capacity, attached to belt.

Best Quality Bucket Elevators with Unmatched Performance

Uma Engineering is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high quality bucket elevator in India supplies bucket elevators to different industries for its assorted applications. We offer a complete range of products based on requirement of customers such as bucket elevators, click here belt bucket elevators and chain bucket elevators. Our products are useful for vertical conveying of different free-flowing materials. We utilize different materials to manufacture machinery that meets the need of application precisely. Our products are capable to lift heavy loads from starting to the final stage without any unloading or intermediate loading. The special features include power saving, space saving and highly economical as well as useful for different applications.

Application of Bucket Elevators

Normally, Bucket Elevators are very useful to lift dry and dusty materials. It is also useful for heavier and challenging materials. For instance, materials found in mining operations. However, it is not recommended to use this system for materials which are sticky, wet or a mud consistency.

Bucket Elevators are used in different industries such as

  • Rice Mill
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Edible Oil Plants
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Steel Production Plants
  • Sugar Mill
  • Lime Processing Facilities
  • Food grain mills
  • Coal, Sand, Cement, Lignite, etc.
  • And several other industries

At Uma Engineering, we supply quality Bucket Elevators which are best in standards, performance, and durability. With unmatched product performance, we supply our products at the most affordable prices. For more information about our range of Bucket Elevators or your custom requirement, write us at info@umaengineers.com.